Registering for Graduate Credit for HQT Courses

Registering for Graduate Credit









To register for graduate credit with Ashland University, follow these steps:

Go to

  1. Locate and click on the title of the course and its corresponding course number.
    • HQT Language Arts: EDU 6160 Z2
    • HQT Math: EDU 6160 Y2
    • HQT Pedagogy: EDU 6160 A3
    • HQT Science: EDU 6160 B3
    • HQT Social Studies: EDU 6160 C3
  2. Click on the Register for This Course button.
  3. Click in the box to the left of the title of the course. A check mark (ΓΌ) will appear. Then, choose Submit.
  4. Enter the required information into the form on the Personal Identification page.
  5. Complete the Pay for Classes section of the registration. 


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